About The Founder

In a world where psychic powers and non-judgmental attitudes are innate within every individual, only a select few truly harness these gifts for their highest good and the betterment of humanity. From the depths of my being, I have always possessed an intuitive nature, yet fear held me back from sharing my visions and emotions with the world. That was until fate intervened, introducing me to a remarkable soul who encouraged me to embark on a spiritual odyssey, utilizing the divinely bestowed talents to help those in dire need. This encounter rekindled the flame of my soul’s purpose, marking the genesis of my journey as a healer in 2008—a profound shift that propelled me from a mundane 9-to-6 job into the transformative role of an empathetic guide, offering real-life solutions to others.
Nurtured within a family that cherishes the principle of “Ahimsa paramo dharma” (non-violence is the supreme duty), I imbibed invaluable teachings from my parents and my grandmother (affectionately called Nani). These teachings instilled within me the virtues of non-violence, forgiveness, gratitude, and extending a helping hand to those in need. These moral foundations became the bedrock of my growth and development as a therapist, mentor, and trainer.

My name is Hetal Vora, and I am a Psychic Medium, Alternative Therapist, Intuitive Reader, Trainer, Mentor, Life Coach, and Counsellor. Under the auspices of Zen Healing Studio, I employ various modalities that serve to harmonize the soul, mind, and body, empowering individuals to achieve balance in every facet of their lives—be it physical, emotional, physiological, relationships, or finances.

Within the ethereal walls of Zen Healing Studio, we offer a myriad of services that provide invaluable guidance during challenging times. Through the ancient art of Crystal Board Prediction, the profound insights of Tarot Reading, and the celestial wisdom of Angel Reading, we illuminate the path towards resolution, offering solace and clarity.

Our repertoire of modalities designed to restore equilibrium spans the following transformative techniques:

Crystal Board Prediction:
Delve into the mesmerizing world of crystals and unlock their profound predictive powers.
Theta Healing:
Journey deep into the realms of the subconscious, invoking the innate healing abilities within.
Emotional Freedom Technique:
Liberate yourself from emotional burdens through this empowering therapeutic approach.
Tarot Reading:
Unveil the mysteries of the past, present, and future with the captivating symbolism of the Tarot.
Matrix Reimprinting:
Rewire the subconscious mind, transforming limiting beliefs into limitless possibilities.
Chakra Balancing:
Harmonize the vital energy centers within, promoting holistic well-being and serenity.
Crystal Therapy:
Harness the potent energies of crystals to promote healing, balance, and spiritual growth.
Zen Healing Studio extends beyond individual healing sessions, as we passionately offer training programs for those seeking to embark on a personal and spiritual growth journey. Immerse yourself in the transformative realms of Crystal Therapy, Crystal Prediction, Tarot Reading, Herbalism, Chakra Balancing, Pendulum Dowsing, Karma Cleansing, and Meditation. Through these teachings, you will unlock the keys to self-discovery and embark on a remarkable path of enlightenment.
In the tapestry of life, Zen Healing Studio stands as a beacon of hope and transformation, facilitating the blossoming of the human spirit. Embark on this sacred voyage with us and discover the true depths of your potential. Let us guide you toward a life imbued with serenity, balance, and profound self-empowerment. Together, we shall navigate the currents of existence, embracing the transformative power within and shaping a future of profound fulfillment.