Crystal Prediction Course

Course Description:
Unlock the mystic world of crystal therapy with our comprehensive Crystal Prediction course at Zen Healing Studio. This transformative 3-day course provides you with an in-depth understanding of crystal healing, allowing you to explore the intricate art of crystal predictions. With our expert guidance, you’ll delve into various aspects of this fascinating field, from understanding crystals and their meanings to reading the Crystal Board and uncovering remedies for life’s challenges.
Course Highlights:
  • Introduction to Crystal Board
  • Discover the significance of nine essential crystals
  • How to read the Crystal Board and interpret its symbols
  • Gain a detailed understanding of each crystal’s unique properties
  • Learn how to formulate meaningful questions
  • Understand the nuances of interpreting situations
  • Master the art of providing accurate answers using crystals
  • Explore effective remedies and solutions for common issues
    • Dive into crystal readings for various life aspects: relationships, property, finance, health, education, travel, Pitru dosha, Devi dosha
    • Understand when and how to apply different healing methods
    • Evaluate the energy of places to determine positivity or negativity
    • Uncover the root causes behind life situations
Post-Course Support:
We believe in your journey towards becoming a proficient crystal predictor. After completing the 3-day course, you’ll receive three months of dedicated practice support. Our experienced instructors will be there to assist you as you apply your newfound knowledge and skills in real-life scenarios.
Embark on a path of self-discovery and healing with the Crystal Prediction course at Zen Healing Studio. Whether you seek personal growth or wish to help others, this course is your gateway to harnessing the power of crystals for insight and transformation. Join us on this captivating journey today!
Crystal Board Prediction