What Is EFT Tapping? and How Can It Alleviate Anxiety and Stress?

What is EFT tapping ? EFT tapping stands for Emotional Freedom. It involves tapping on specific points on the body to release emotional and physical tension. There are nine primary EFT tapping points that are used in EFT tapping . Each of these points has a different meaning and can help us heal in various ways. In a tapping session, we apply pressure with our fingertips to certain acupressure sites along the body’s meridians, also known as “Tapping points.”
People are constantly looking for more effective strategies to reduce stress. Medications may be effective, but they often come with adverse effects. Many people look for alternatives, such as EFT tapping.
In traditional Chinese medicine, these particular acupressure points used in tapping have been identified and studied for countless years.

Here is an explanation of each of the nine EFT tapping points:

1 – Karate Chop: The karate chop point is located on the side of the hand. This point is associated with emotional pain, like sadness or grief. By tapping here, you can facilitate emotional healing and remove tension.

2 – Top of Head: The top of the head point is located at the crown of the head. This point is related to insight, inspiration, and clarity. By tapping here, you can assist yourself get out of thought and gain new insight.

3 – Eyebrow: The eyebrow point is located at the beginning of the eyebrow, closest to the center of the face. This point is related to fear and anxiety. By tapping into this area, you can encourage relaxation and aid to lessen anxiety.

4 – Side of Eye: The side of the eye point is located at the end of the eyebrow. This point is related to fury and rage. To establish emotional equilibrium and help with pent-up rage, tap on this area.

5 – Under Eye: The under-eye point is located on the bone just below the eye, in line with the pupil. Stress and tension are related to this spot. By tapping in this area, you can ease tension and help you feel less overwhelmed.

6 – Under the Nose: The under-nose point is located between the nose and the upper lip. This area is related to guilt and humiliation. Here, tapping can aid in promoting self-acceptance and assisting with the release of shame.

7 – Chin: The chin point is located in the crease between the lower lip and the chin. This location is linked to melancholy and depression. Here, tapping can help to alleviate sadness and support emotional health.

8 – Collarbone: The collarbone point is located just below the collarbone, on either side of the sternum. Physical pain and suffering are related to this location. Here, tapping can aid in easing physical discomfort and accelerating recovery.

9 – Underarm: The under-arm point is located on the side of the body, about four inches below the armpit. This point is related to self-assurance and respect. This area can be tapped into to increase self-worth and empower oneself.

EFT tapping is often used to address anxiety, stress, and other emotional issues, as well as physical pain and chronic illness. It is considered a safe and non-invasive therapy,. We can let go of bad emotions, unwind, and develop greater self-awareness when we tap into these particular places and pay attention to our emotions.
Anxiety is a prevalent mental health condition affecting millions of people worldwide. While there are various therapeutic approaches available, one technique gaining recognition for its effectiveness is the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT). This article explores how EFT can aid in healing anxiety, providing individuals with a powerful tool to alleviate symptoms and promote emotional well-being.
Anxiety is characterized by persistent feelings of fear, worry, and unease. It can manifest as generalized anxiety disorder (GAD), panic disorder, social anxiety, or specific phobias. Anxiety can have a significant impact on daily life, affecting relationships, work productivity, and overall quality of life. Seeking effective methods to manage anxiety is crucial for those experiencing its debilitating effects.
EFT has shown promising results in managing anxiety by addressing both the emotional and physical aspects of the condition. By tapping on specific points, individuals can release emotional blockages, reduce the intensity of negative emotions, and promote a sense of calm. EFT can be used during anxiety-provoking situations, as a daily self-care practice, or as part of a comprehensive treatment plan.

The Steps of EFT –

Identify the issue: Begin by pinpointing the specific anxiety-related thought or emotion you want to address.
Setup statement: Create an affirmation that acknowledges the issue while accepting yourself unconditionally.
Tapping sequence: Tap gently on the designated acupressure points while repeating the setup statement and focusing on the issue.
Check-in: After completing a round of tapping, assess the intensity of the emotion or thought.
Repeat: If needed, repeat the process to further reduce the intensity of the anxiety.

Benefits of EFT –

EFT offers numerous benefits in managing anxiety:

Rapid relief: Many individuals experience immediate anxiety reduction after a single session of EFT.
Self-empowerment: EFT provides individuals with a self-help tool that can be used anytime and anywhere.
Long-term effectiveness: Regular practice of EFT can lead to long-lasting improvements in anxiety symptoms.
Non-invasive: EFT is a non-invasive technique that does not require any medication or physical interventions.
Holistic approach: EFT addresses the mind-body connection, promoting overall emotional well-being.

Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) offers a valuable approach to healing anxiety by combining the principles of acupressure and cognitive-behavioral therapy. With its ability to reduce anxiety symptoms and promote emotional well-being, EFT serves as an empowering self-help tool for individuals seeking relief from anxiety. By incorporating EFT into their daily routine or treatment plan, individuals can tap into the healing power of this technique and take control of their anxiety and lead a more fulfilling life.

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  1. This really helps and I hv been doing this for almost 7 years for myself
    One should definitely try this as it not only helps u to stay away from health problems but all improves ur over all living.

    1. Dear Sunita,

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  2. Being a working Professional stress is a part of life and I was going through a lot stress, emotional imbalance, aggressiveness and just came across the post of ETF @Zenhealingstudio. I just gave my 10-15 mins, I experienced the relief of stress and anxiety. Since then I have started giving atleast 10 mins on daily basis practicing EFT. Thanks @Zenhealingstudio for posting such a great technique and in such an explanatory manner.

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